Red Yarn “Red Yarn’s Old Barn” (Music for Families)

Red Yarn “Red Yarn’s Old Barn” (Music for Families)

“Nobody’s doing a better job of bringing the true folk music of America to kids of the modern era than Red Yarn.  It’s soulful and genuine.” – Bill Childs, KUTX/PRX/Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

Portland’s impresario of family music has a brand new album with a barn-full of songs, both old and new, featuring a troupe of his beloved critter pals.  Red Yarn (aka Andy Furgeson) is a family performer, puppeteer and teaching artist in Portland, OR that can call his hometown Austin, TX.  “Red Yarn’s Old Barn” is a very down-home Texas-esque album (think honky tonk and Austin country), with pro-social messages that reminds us that “everybody’s welcome in the old barn.”

Catch the video premiere of the song “Old Barn” HERE

Since 2012, Red Yarn has played more than 250 shows a year and has performed for thousands of children and families at schools and music venues.  Born in the Deep Woods, released last year, completed the Deep Woods trilogy of albums that explored musical genres that grew out of American folk music.  Red Yarn’s Old Barn, Andy’s 5th album, goes back to his Texan roots and is filled with socially conscious lyrics and storytelling that hit new country music depths.  The album has an impressive list of guest stars that include Justin Lansing of The Okee Dokee Brothers and Jenny Conlee of the Decemberists. Red’s playful, personal & sometimes political new country-rock songs paint the Old Barn as an inclusive microcosm of the USA.  My favorite song on the album is “To Raise a Barn” which is a lovely little ditty about a community coming together to rebuild a barn after a wildfire destroys it.  It’s a wonderful message that it takes a village to raise a barn.

As someone who wants to instill many genres of music in my children, Red Yarn has given us a wonderful way to bring both music and magic to their little ears.  Our family loves to watch Andy and his critters perform when he visits Austin and it is always an amazing experience.   Red Yarn continues to perform hundreds of shows a year and you can find his family band playing at SXSW, Stagecoach Country Music Fest, Pickathon, Symphony Space, and Wolf Trap.  If you are an Austinite like me, keep your eyes and ears open for Red Yarn’s latest show and Bill Childs from Austin’s KUTX ‘Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child‘ is sure to keep you updated on Andy’s latest adventures.  His barn door is always open.  Yee-haw!

Red Yarn “Red Yarn’s Old Barn” Track Listing:

  1. Old Barn
  2. Down in the Meadow
  3. Old Hen Cackled
  4. I’m Gonna Feed You Now
  5. Go Little Gator
  6. Sally Ann
  7. Barndance
  8. Did You Feed My Cow
  9. Barnfire
  10. Till the Cows Come Home
  11. To Raise a Barn
  12. My Barn Door is Open

Andy lives in North Portland with his wife and singing partner Jessie Eller-Isaacs (a teacher coach at Open School), their two young children, and a basement full of critters.

Red Yarn “Red Yarn’s Old Barn” (Music for Families)

List Price: $ 12.00 ($9.00 for digital download, Purchase on Band Camp)


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