Local Texas HearMuffs Win Family Choice Award!

Local Texas HearMuffs by Lucid Audio Win 2018 Family Choice Award!

Advanced Hearing Protection and Unique Kid-Approved Features

Preserve young ears from potentially damaging sounds with HearMuffs from Lucid Audio.  Lucid Audio, a recent 2018 Family Choice Award winner, is a Fort Worth, Texas based company that offers infant and child protective HearMuffs that have advanced comfort and control features that are unique.  Designed to develop with your child, these kid-size headphones boast an adjustable headband that fits a wide range of children’s head sizes. The smooth foam guarantees a comfortable fit and made of child-safe materials in a variety of colors.

Lucid Audio’s Kid-Tested and Audiologist-Approved HearMuffs have won the 2018 Family Choice Award. The Family Choice Awards recognize the best in children’s and parenting products. Now in its 22nd year, the Family Choice Awards is one of the most coveted, family-friendly consumer award programs in the nation.

Hearmuffs are sensory-friendly!

Have a child that’s sensitive to sounds?  Hearmuffscan block out and muffle all sounds while still allowing an option for kids to hear everything in their environment clearly.  Hearmuffs are made to adjust and comfortably fit on your child’s head.  Hearmuffs are designed especially for infants and babies (ages 0-5) while Kid Hearmuffs are designed for children ages 5-10.  There are many options of Hearmuffs that can fit your child’s needs.  Have a baby that needs soothing while blocking out loud noises?  HEARMUFFS™ Sounds includes four soothing sounds; ‘Lullaby’, ‘Babbling Creek’, ‘White Noise’ and ‘Heartbeat’.

My Pick!  Kids HearMuffs™ Trio ($39.95)

HearMuffs include a colorful and affordable protection-only model and the HearMuffs Trio also includes advanced features like touch-to-talk button that lets in safe sounds for conversations and ambient outside noise while offering the ability to use as traditional headphones for watching movies, playing games or listening to music.  Conversation mode allows comfortable sound levels in so your child can hear you speaking while actively keeping harmful sounds out.  AWESOME!

Tip!  HearMuffs can grow with your child with their patented GrowBand made with super soft materials to comfortably protects your child’s head (and it’s machine washable)! ($7.95)

Local Texas HearMuffs by Lucid Audio Win Family Choice Award!


List Price: $ 14.95 – $ 49.95 (Each)

Photos by John Pesina Photography. http://johnpesina.com

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