The Littlest Acorn (Paperback)

The Littlest Acorn (Paperback)

Helping children develop a healthier sense of self.

The Littlest Acorn is more than a children’s book; it is a work that entertains, educates and inspires readers.  Based on author/psychologist Lisa Lentino’s philosophy, it demonstrates how to grow beyond early childhood programming and live the authentic life one is meant to live.  Her engaging book teaches early grade school children to appreciate their natural gifts, especially at critical stages of socialization. It can be used by parents, teachers, librarians and others to inspire children to search within themselves in order to determine their worth and value.

The story tells of the littlest acorn who wants to grow big and strong, but is discouraged by the majesty and beauty of the colorful maples that surround her.  Her self-esteem withers, and she becomes depressed.  It takes a little bird building a nest in her branches to teach the young oak tree the true value of her shape, color, size and spirit.  Ultimately, The Littlest Acorn shows children the path to true contentment:  discovering their unique gifts, developing them, then sharing them with the world.  Thematically related illustrations on each page reinforce the message of the book.

About the Author: Lisa Manzi Lentino, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice who works with motivated individuals who want to discover their life’s purpose, reach their full potential and create genuine freedom on a daily basis.  She graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Psychology in 1995 from Boston College. She then received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Ohio State University. To complete her post-doctoral training, she worked at the ENRM VA Medical Center in Bedford, MA. Excited to be back in New England, she returned to Boston College to teach as an adjunct instructor for several years.  To learn more about her life strategies, visit Lisa’s website

The Littlest Acorn (Paperback)

List Price: $ 13.95

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