Scalloped Valentines by Over the Moon

Scalloped Valentines by Over the Moon

Baby, Gifts, and Darling What-nots!

Over the Moon Gift is the brainchild of three sisters from Vestavia Hills, Alabama.  Laura Ann Daly, Margie Meyers Davidson, and Julia Meyers are thrilled to share their custom designs with other Southern Belles and Party-Perfectors. With traditional, yet modern values, these sisters were consistently disappointed with what the market place had to offer and decided to create their own line to celebrate life’s greatest events.

Their custom designs have a beautiful and unique look and I am especially impressed with their set of new Scalloped Valentine cards that are so adorable for any person you want to share your love with on February 14!  Greet that special someone (or someones!) with these vintage-inspired, assorted watercolor valentines. Each back has watercolor design where you can write a note or attach candy (I recommend smarties – they fit perfectly!). Printed on luxe felt paper, they are 3.5” x 5” cards in a set of 12 (2 of each design).  Proudly printed in the USA.  LOVE!

Charity!  The sisters have set up the Paul Meyers Foundation in honor of their brother, which benefits causes that were close to his heart: providing medical treatment to underserved populations, funding efforts to rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking, as well as further educating the community on the symptoms of genetic heart disease that typically go misdiagnosed.

About Over the Moon:  Over the Moon is the creation of three sisters from Birmingham, Alabama. In 2012, the sisters underwent a life changing event. Within a 10 day period, their beloved brother passed away from a heart condition at the age of 33 and they welcomed a new baby (the first of his generation) into the family. The sisters decided to embark on their life-long dream, and founded Over the Moon.  Fun fact: Three sisters, three different sororities.

Scalloped Valentines by Over the Moon

List Price: $ 12.00

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