The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight (Paperback)

The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight (Paperback)

Did you ever feel “invisible”? Like there’s no way you could make a difference in that big, scary world out there? Kids certainly feel that way sometimes, and occasionally grown-ups as well.

Enter “the Cozies,” the stars of T.L. Fischer’s new book for children and adults, The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight. The Cozies are six tiny figments of the imagination, each with his or her own unusual shape and distinctive personality. The Cozies’ job is to comfort and entertain small children. One night, the Cozies’ worst fears come true when Bingo, the little human in their care, is kidnapped. At first the Cozies have serious doubts about being able to help. “As imaginary beings,” says Thursby, the story’s narrator, “our resources are limited.” Despite their misgivings, the Cozies launch into a series of adventures for the sake of Bingo.

Under the leadership of a brave Cozy named Musetta, these invisible beings find that they can make a difference. They prove that one can overcome a feeling of helplessness through a combination of imagination and action.  The Cozies figure out how six imaginary beings (at just a few inches tall) can make a difference in the world “out there.”

About the Author: For many years, T.L. Fischer worked professionally with victims of family violence and violence against children. Every day Fischer saw how fortunate he had been as a child—to have had a loving home where he’d always felt safe. These experiences led Fischer to write about the Cozies and their world of simple pleasures, where imagination protects the innocent.  Fischer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from McGill University of Montreal, Canada, as well as advanced degrees in communications and law. While pursuing his education, Fischer studied in both France and England. While a very young man, he traveled the world, from the lava fields of eastern Idaho to Lake Baikal in Siberia.

The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight (Paperback)

List Price: $ 10.99

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