Handy Lifesaving gifts for under $10!

Handy Lifesaving gifts for under $10!

Smart safety tools retail for $9.95

We are getting into the cold winter season.  Why not get some smart safety tools that are inexpensive for personal and automotive safety?!?  Brilliant!  The full line of products from the professional safety company resqme, Inc. (Santa Barbara, CA) provide lifesaving solutions in different emergency situations. These four smart safety tools retail for $9.95 and are a must-have to keep the family safe on and off the road.

The resqme® is made in the USA and is the original 2-in-1 car escape tool which cuts jammed seatbelts and breaks side windows. Small enough to put on a keychain yet powerful, it comes in 6 trendy colors. A thoughtful gift for every driver.  More information on the resqme® tool here. (List Price: $ 9.95)


The defendme® is a sleek personal safety alarm. The 120dB siren will quickly attract attention in an emergency situation. Easy to carry and use, it is a great present for students, women, active people and the elderly.  More information on the defendme® tool here(List Price: $ 9.95)

alertme® is a drowsy driver device. Lightweight and the size of a bluetooth earpiece, alertme® is motion-activated to prevent drivers from falling asleep. A perfect gift for long-distance drivers and nighttime workers.  More information on the alertme® tool here(List Price: $ 9.95)

protectme® is a maximum strength pepper spray to use as self-defense. The attacker will be incapacitated up to one hour after being sprayed in the face. Protectme® performs 25 bursts up to 10 feet. Available in black and pink, it is an ideal gift for women and students. More information on the protectme® tool here.Handy Lifesaving stocking stuffers for under $10!  (List Price: $ 9.95)

My favorite pick!

Resqme with Clip (Safety)

The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool

How it Works

To use the resqme Tool:

  1. Pull the tool from its blade guard clip.
  2. Cut jammed seat belt with the steel blade.
  3. Break the Glass by pressing the black head of the tool against the corner of your window to release the spring-loaded spike that will shatter the window.

Resqme Do

Get to know your Resqme!  The Resqme won’t do you a lot of good unless you learn and practice how to use it.  Check out this video here on how you use this device under a stressful car situation.

Handy Lifesaving gifts for under $10!


List Price: $ 9.95 Each


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