Kid Made Modern Comic Book Kit

Kid Made Modern Comic Book Kit

Feed your inner creativity with new projects

I’m always looking for creative ways to get my oldest daughter to hone her writing skills.  She was frustrated at the beginning of first grade from what proved to be a fine motor delay and with OT she’s been doing great!  Unfortunately, during that period before we knew the diagnosis, she stopped her usual creative writing and drawing, but now that she is back in full swing to utilize her skills and build her muscle memory, writing stories is her THING.  She loves making comics and what better way to give her that opportunity than through a comic book kit where kids can make their creations look like something you could buy at a store?  Oh yes, we were both excited about Kid Made Modern’s Comic Book Kit and it did not disappoint!

This all-in-one kit has all the supplies needed to create your own super hero story!

Kid Made Modern Comic Book Kit comes with two 32 page books printed with blank cells that are ready for your illustrations, 10 washable markers, 2 stencil templates for type and bubbles, 5 rubber stamps with 3 foam ink pads and 3 bottles of stamp ink so that your ink pad is never dry!

  • Includes two blank comic books 32 pages each with printed Cell boxes.
  • 2 stencil sheets, 5 stamps, 3 foam ink pads, 3 ink bottles, and 10 washable markers.
  • For ages 6+

This kit gives your child a jump start on the design process while their inner narrator does the rest. Will their hero have out-of-this-world superpowers? What about a story about an ordinary human with extraordinary courage? The possibilities are endless as your child gets to decide their story and surprise you as you open the pages of their finished comic book kit.  Awesome!

A new line of bold and inspirational crafts and art supplies by Todd Oldham. Now available at Target!

Kid Made Modern Comic Book Kit

List Price: $ 19.99 (Available on Amazon Prime)

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