The Big Fuzzy (Paperback)


The Big Fuzzy (Paperback)

Who could be watching Sira and her brother, and will they make it home before the blizzard comes?

Brooke has quite the fascination with snow.  She ‘thinks’ she would love it.  She didn’t grow up in an area where blizzards could occur at any given winter and there were a few times where my parents had to drive me through some terrible icy blizzards.  It was SCARY!  Sure, I enjoyed building snow forts and snowmen as a child, but the older I got, the more I hated the snow.  When I started working, I hated the snow even more.  My jobs in high school weren’t glamorous or super fun, they were a way to make money to save for books and supplies for college, and getting to them through the snow was a drag.  That said, I can’t help but feel enthusiastic by Brooke’s love of snow even though the closest she’s come to it was that one time in Austin where it flurried when she was just a baby.  She doesn’t even remember it!  Ha!  The Big Fuzzy has everything Brooke loves in a book.  It takes place in the country of Greenland (oohhh!  How exotic) and it involves igloos, a young girl watching out for her baby sister, and the very real possibility that they were going to get caught in a blizzard before heading home.  Talk about exciting!

In The Big Fuzzy,  Little Sira is watching over her little baby brother Ivik and gets caught in a snow storm.  She is out trying to catch food and she digs a hole in the ice and sinks her line and hook. At the time, the sun was bright in the sky, and baby Ivik was sleeping. But someone was watching. Someone big and white and fearsome – gasp- a POLAR BEAR!  As the weather turns, Sira knows that a blizzard may soon be coming and seeks shelter.  Will they be able to survive this sudden change of freezing weather.  Perhaps with a Big Fuzzy, they can get the warmth and support they need to get home unharmed.  Ahhhh!  This book is part of the QED Storytime series that introduces young children to the pleasure of reading and sharing stories, and includes supporting notes for parents and teachers.

About the Author:  DANIEL HOWARTH started drawing from a very early age and went on to study Art at college and then university. He graduated with a degree in Illustration in 1994 and started creating his own range of greetings cards with his wife and fellow children’s author, Heidi Howarth, whom he met at university. Daniel works from his studio in Exeter and enjoys the wealth of inspiration and imagination that comes from living deep in the Devon countryside with his wife and two children. CAROLINE CASTLE is the author of several picture book texts as well as two novels for older children. She has also illustrated two picture books for Piccadilly Press, QED, Elizabeth Jane Gets Dressed and Mary Ann Can.

The Big Fuzzy (Paperback)

List Price: $8.95

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