NEW Disney’s Dream Big, Princess Put Me in the Story Personalized Book


NEW Disney’s Dream Big, Princess  Put Me in the Story Personalized Book

Give a great holiday gift for your kids!  Their own personalized story!

Last summer we asked Brie what she wanted for her upcoming third birthday and she quite matter-of-fact said, “I want to be a princess!”  OK then!  Brie loves to dress up, put on jewelry and clip clop around in my high heels.  She loves Cinderella, Ariel, and, of course, Elsa and Anna.  Her love of princesses came organically and while I know it will dwindle in time, I am all for her using her imagination and role-playing now.  When her birthday was just two weeks away, I was scrambling to put together a sort of cohesive theme for a princess without breaking the bank.  I was very excited to learn that Put Me in the Story came out with a BRAND NEW personalized book for kids and it’s all about PRINCESSES!  I held off doing a review until now because I wanted to write about this book as a holiday recommendation for all those little princesses out there.

Brie Prin  Princess Brie Olivia ready for her coronation on her 3rd birthday!

How does the Put Me in the Story process work?  It’s VERY easy.  The Disney Princesses are ready to DREAM BIG with your child! In this beautifully illustrated personalized book, your little girl will write, draw, and imagine all the things she can be, led by the adventurous, independent, and ever-faithful Disney Princesses!

You build your personalized book online by filling out a few simple categories:

  • Child’s Name
  • Gift-Giver’s Name
  • Dedication Message
  • Child’s Photo (to upload)

Your child’s journey begins with a personalized letter and Princess Passport, which she can use to check off each princess as she reads their stories. Whether she’s putting together a restaurant menu alongside Tiana, listing treasures she’s found on her travels like Ariel, or comparing her bookshelf to Belle’s, your child will learn that being a princess is more than just wearing fancy dresses and living in a castle…it’s about being brave, honorable, kind, and hardworking.  Yes!  At the end, your little girl can match up each princess with her greatest wish, then fill in a special page with her own hopes and dreams.  Adorable!  We uploaded Brie’s picture for the book and I have to say, I think she enjoys her own personalized princess page the most.  Princess Brie highly approves and this is one of her favorite books for us to read her two months later!

Personalized Gifts to Say “I Love You”

How can you say “I Love You” without saying anything at all? Giving one of Put Me in the Story’s personalized books can do that for you in a brand new way! Their bestselling books include a photo, your child’s name on the cover, and a personal dedication to share your love.

NEW Disney’s Dream Big, Princess  Put Me in the Story Personalized Book

List Price: $ 39.99

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