One Month Cram Boxes Subscription (Local Austin Company)‏ Includes Coupon Code!

Cram Cram2

One Month Cram Boxes Subscription (Local Austin Company)

From all of us at Cram Boxes, we hope that our services can truly be helpful in your college life. Cram Boxes pride ourselves on being connected to the college way of life, and will always supply you with only the highest quality items.

It’s back to school time!  My husband works for a university and it’s a whole new ballgame when the students return for the fall semester.  Austin traffic around University of Texas, which is right in downtown Austin, gets even more hectic and can add a lot of time to work commutes in the area.  While Austinites all adjust to the influx of students who come back to school, there are many families and young adults who are adjusting to a brand new college life.

I remember when I moved away from home for the first time to attend Ohio University.  Moving, living with roommates, and starting new jobs (I had 2-3 jobs simultaneously while I was earning my undergrad degree) was a great but overwhelming experience.  Care packages were always needed and appreciated!  What is hilarious now is that I was in my senior year when Y2K was supposed to happen, so when it didn’t, I received enough canned foods to get me through my two final quarters of school.  It was like I had won a mini-lottery!  “Oh, good, the computers didn’t destroy our lives, why not have some canned green beans?”  Nice!

The best gifts you can give college students (besides MONEY, of course, ha!) are things like snacks, school supplies and things they need for their dorm rooms and rentals that they may not think about or be able to purchase for themselves.  A young UT student here in Austin, Kirk Silas, realized that college students need their own subscription box to fill that need.  College students are usually broke, busy and still learning how to be a responsible adult, so Cram Boxes are a great way to give a student in your life some help at convenient purchases each semester.  Besides being a new Austin company, it’s also created by a McCombs business school entrepreneur who is currently in college so Kirk designs each box based on items that he personally needs and uses.  Support your college student and support a new local Austin business and check out the new cool Cram Box subscriptions.  There is a coupon code below for 10 off your first purchase!

Good luck this year to all students!

The 1st Semester Cram Box includes;


Total Retail Value of 1st Semester Cram Box = $ 40.36

Water Bean

Coupon Code!  Use the coupon code “back2college” to receive $10 off a 1 or 2 semester subscription at



About Founder Kirk Stiles:  Cram Boxes was founded by Kirk Silas, who at 18 years old saw a need for a reliable, high quality subscription service for college students. Kirk is currently studying finance at the University of Texas McCombs school of business.  He could not find a company that offered a subscription for the snacks and supplies he was looking for as a college student, so he decided to start his own business to fill his needs.

One Month Cram Boxes Subscription (Local Austin Company)

List Price: $ 32.00 (One Month Box) Subscriptions start at $22.

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