The Harmonica Pocket releases Sundrops‏ (Music for Families)


The Harmonica Pocket releases Sundrops‏ (Music for Families)

Organic family fun, produced with solar power!  Drops May 19, 2015!

Dinnertime sparks a lot of fun in our household from spaghetti slurping contests to fun brain teasers.  We try and keep dinnertime a fun family event that invokes thoughts, conversations, silliness and, yes, even SONGS!  I have a lot of not-so-pleasant memories of being forced to sit and stare at food I didn’t want and conversations (ahem, arguments?) I didn’t want to be part of as a child, and I want my kids to LOVE dinnertime.  It’s family time and it is supposed to be fun, right?  Of course, I nod my head eagerly in agreement at my own question.  Who knows if I’m doing it right, but we are all (mostly) happy when we sit down to eat.

Spag  Brooke won that round in the slurping contest…

My oldest daughter recently told me during our dinner questions (we are still using the fab Word Teasers for Small Frys for dinner table talk) that her favorite song was “You Are My Sunshine”.  She then immediately broke into song.  Then I immediately broke into song.  Then I said, after we giggled through exhaustion, that “hey, let’s hear a new version by The Harmonica Pocket!”  I was getting ready to review, Sundrops, for its new release and it seemed like the perfect time.  So, we turned up the music and danced in our chairs as we ate.  Brooke (and I) have been hooked on the album ever since!

The Harmonica Pocket is a Parents’ Choice God Award-winning duo, Keeth Apgar with partner Nala Walla, who are already stars of the Seattle family music scene.  They are releasing their newest album on May 19 through Burnside Distribution and it is just in time for summer.  The thing I love about this album is that it is SO uplifting with words like, “it’s gotta rain if you want a rainbow” sung in a young Billy Corgan-esque way (IMO) by Apgar that makes you want to dance.  Sunshine does put me in a good mood but raindrops are also fun when you can splash in puddles and dig in the mud.  “We will all dry off someday and it’s just water anyway.”  As you can see, this album is full of fun quotes that make you feel happy and positive.  Yes! Yes! Yes!

Sundrops is sprinkled (see what I did there?!? Ha) with lots of special guests and wonderful musicians that make it that much more magical.  Johnny Bregar (check out his cool album, Hootenanny) co-produced and performs on the album, and Grammy Award-winning Hudson Valley artist Dean Jones made the final mixes.  Special guests include the always fabulous Chris Ballew (AKA Caspar Babypants – check out a lot of my past reviews!), Johnny Bregar, Marcy Marxer, Alex Mitnick and Simon Lynge which creates a beautiful explosion of sound. Even Apgar and Walla’s young son, Montana, adds sweet vocal bits on “Are You A Monster Too?” and “I Love Ukuleles.” Most of the summery Sundrops songs are original compositions, except for the previously mentioned cover of the classic song “You Are My Sunshine” and “Sun Song” (by spoken-word artist Ari Lesser).  Truly a beautiful fresh breath of sun-shiny filled air that I’m sure we’ll be singing all summer.

Track Listing

  1. Sing in the Sun
  2. Raindrops
  3. It’s Gotta Rain (If You Want a Rainbow)
  4. Sun Song
  5. Are You A Monster Too?
  6. Digga Dog Kid
  7. Surprise
  8. I Love Ukuleles
  9. Sundrops
  10. You Are My Sunshine
  11. Butterfly Away
  12. Getting Night Now

Brie Uke  Can you guess Brie’s favorite song?!?

Girls2  My Sunshines

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away

About Harmonica Pocket:


Sundrops is the third all-ages recording from The Harmonica Pocket, active members of the acclaimed Seattle area Kindiependent collective of family-centric musicians.  Lead by Keeth Apgar with partner Nala Walla, the duo get so much inspiration from their outdoor playtime with their 4-year-old son, Montana.

The Harmonica Pocket releases Sundrops‏ (Music for Families)

List Price: $9.99 digital and $12.99 CD

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