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Custom make your own fragrance and beauty products. Be unique!

“Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” 

While that is the debut title of the Irish band, The Cranberries, it also seems to be a fitting theme for signature perfumes.  I mean, Snooki from Jersey Shore fame even has a self-titled fragrance.  The trend of signature custom fragrances stems from Elizabeth Taylor’s first celebrity fragrance called White Diamonds which debuted in 1991 and is now considered a perfume classic.  Whether it is the appeal of wanting to smell like your favorite star or wanting to somehow tap into their mindset of immense wealth, customized perfumes are here to stay.  And I think it is very cool that I can make my own fragrance for much less than I had anticipated!  This is a perfect pick for Mother’s Day and I will tell you how it works….

You do not have to be rich OR famous to make your own custom fragrance and the process is actually fun and easy to do.  How am I just finding this out?  I happened to be reading (for fun) like I normally do at night and I came across an ad about a company called MEFRAGRANCE.COM that said making your own custom fragrance is a very personal and therapeutic experience.  It sucked me right in and I wanted to know more.  I read that MEFRAGRANCE claims of having an expert staff to guide you through the process and their over 100 essential and fragrant oil choices was too good to pass up.

The Promise?  Creating Your Own Fragrance Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

Now those who really know me will know I am not much of a gambler and with MEFRAGRANCE.COM you do not have to be one to make your own scent.  How?  Test Blends, baby!  For just 99 cents per test blend sample vial you can make sure that the scent that you created on screen translates well to your nostrils! 

Now, picking fragrance blends was obviously going to be the hard part, and I know nothing about it.  Sure, I read up on the different fragrance notes and all that, but again, Momma’s Bacon = not a gambler.  So, my brilliant idea….I decided to start with perfumes that I love and, not duplicate, but pay respect to some of the key notes in fragrances I enjoy and try my hand at three different test blends.  One would have to be awesome, right?  Yes, I was shaking my head at my own brilliance.

Here are the three inspirations behind my test blends; 1.  Acqua di Gio – Giorgio Armani (main accord blend of floral, white floral, fresh, green, rose, and woody), 2.  Amazing Grace – Philosophy (main accord blend of Bergamot, Muguet Blossoms, Musk), and 3.  George Sand Eau de Toilette  (Hints of lemon, bergamot, patchouli, rose, amber, musk, and Mysore sandalwood).

Armed with this information, I read through the ‘scented oils’ page on the MEFRAGRANCE.COM’s website but felt a little complicated to someone who knows nothing about differentiating certain smells.  What type of floral do I want and what does ‘green’ actually smell like to a non-expert?  Hmmm…. In the end, I decided to just go with my gut and started to have fun with how the scents would fit together.  They were just test blends, after all, and MEFRAGRANCE.COM allows you to make changes to your test scents if you decide to purchase in larger quantities.  I figured what did I have to lose?  So, without knowing my percentage notes for each oil, here is how my blends came out:

Test Blend #1Grass, Rose, Cedarwood, Orchid, Jasmine, and Gardenia.

Ahhhh!  The floral blend.  My love of Acqua di Gio started from a Duty Free shop at an airport in Spain when I was a teenager and it continues to be my favorite perfume.  This is also the first time I noticed how much of a love affair I have with the scent of rose.  While I did not want to copy this fragrance exactly, I was hoping to get that very flowery smell with just a hint of wood.

Test Blend #2: Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, and Amber.

The main reason I love the smell of Amazing Grace fragrance from Philosophy is because it smells fresh.  It also lasts all day and gives me the feeling of being clean.  It made sense to read the main accords to the fragrance were citrus with a hint of musk mixed with some floral notes.  I thought the smell of ylang ylang (which I adore) coupled with rosewood would pay tribute to the ‘clean’ smell and added more of an earthy and spicy smell with sandalwood and amber.  I felt that I stuck close to a fragrance I knew, but spiced it up enough to give it a unique flair.

Test Blend #3Lemon, Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Ginger Root, and Musk.

Feeling more comfortable with this process, I got daring.  A store here in Austn called Enchante sells some fabulous fragrance and I was taken by one called George Sand Eau de Toilette.  I only found the information that it has hints of lemon, bergamot, patchouli, rose, amber, musk, and Mysore sandalwood and sort of went wild.  I wanted to keep the citrus scent alive and kept lemon as a high note coupled with orange blossom and then got a little crazy with some floral, spicy and earthy notes.  This was definitely my wild card.

What to pick?  What to pick?

Smell  Let the smell test begin!

After I submitted my three sample vials, I anxiously awaited my custom scent vials.  Here is how the smells came out and my favorite pick:

Test Blend #1:  Oh holy floral!  I got the mother load and I love it.  The rose and gardenia stood out like I had wanted and it was a completely unique fragrance.  Yum.   

Test Blend #2:  Whatever I did, I made this blend smell like BABY POWDER.  Now while it does fit into a ‘fresh and clean’ category of a scent I wanted to obtain, I really don’t want to smell like a baby’s butt.  Bummer.   

Test Blend #3:  Ohh!  This one is so citrusy and yummy, too.  I can smell the spiciness of the ginger but orange definitely came through the ‘loudest’ in my nostrils. 

THE WINNER IS…….This is a tough pick between 1 and 3, but I love Test Blend #1.  Bob really liked #3, but thought #1 was great, too.  #2 was fun to make but not something I want to smell unless it is on a baby.

Once you get your favorite blend worked out you can then put that scent into any one of  MEFRAGRANCE.COM products, such as a perfume, candle, reed diffuser, body lotion, body wash and shampoo.  How is that for exciting?!  This was such a great and rewarding process and when you have your own signature blend you feel as if you really created something special.  The staff at MEFRAGRANCE.COM were so helpful and wonderful that it made the entire process seamless.  Oh, and the company uses two different bases depending on whether you are creating a roll-on perfume or an eau de parfum spray.  If you want your scent to be all natural (100% vegetable and fruit using only organic ingredients and essential oils), go for a roll-on perfume.  If you are wanting an eau de parfum spray, you will be happy to know that the company’s scents are all water-based with low levels of alcohol used and, of course, completely skin-safe.  Love!

How to Create and Buy Your Own Fragrance from MEFRAGRANCE.COM

1.  Choose Your Bottle. Your signature scent can be put into any one of MEFRAGRANCE.COM products; such as a perfume, candle, reed diffuser, body lotion, body wash, shampoo, etc.

2.  Pick Your Fragrances.  Now this is where the ‘rubber hits the road’.  MEFRAGRANCE.COM has over 100 different essential & fragrance oils, so there are SO many possibilities.  I recommend studying the website’s page called Perfume 101 so you can actually learn more about things like fragrance families and top notes instead of just randomly throwing some of your favorite smells together before blending.  Try a test vial like I did if you want to ‘play it safe’ before stocking up on your custom blend.

3.  Let Us Create.  Think you have a winning perfume on hand?  Submit your order and let the MEFRAGRANCE.COM experts blend them together for your own personalized signature perfume.  Eau to be FAMOUS!   


List Price: $ 0.99 per sample vial of perfume and many options of perfume sizes from rollerball to an 8 oz. refillable bottle!

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