Fancy Nancy Ruffle Dress and Accessories‏


Fancy Nancy Ruffle Dress and Accessories

Ooh La La! Fancy NancyTM and Great PretendersTM have paired to bring Nancy’s wardrobe and accessories to you!

Yes, we are a book-reading family who loves to read together.  But, there are some things in books that may not transfer for real-life.  I may be a biography and history-buff, but my daughter favors fantasy.  I sometimes have a hard time making that transition.  Growing up with a mother who was a hippie who hated all material things and taught me to not care about how I looked, it has been hard to get with the whole program of my daughter wanting to be a ‘fancy’ girl.  When she told me she wanted to be a princess when she grew up one day, I had to bite my tongue – HARD! – and say – “That sounds nice. Why would you like that?”  She mainly talked about the dresses while I listened to her thinking how much different we had been while growing up.

In many ways, I am excited my daughter is not like me.  I think most parents want their children to be better and in some ways my not caring about my appearance may have hurt me without me knowing about it.  It’s not like I grew up dirty or any of that, it’s just that I could really care less about the latest fashion or accessories.  If my nails are not manicured or my shoes are out of style, I wouldn’t even notice.  In some ways, that is nice to not care, but I am sure in many ways, it can be a hindrance.  We all know that in the workplace people are looking at us and judge us and while I am basically clueless, I have gotten some wake-up calls here and there.  Perhaps my girls will be more keen to fashion and I will certainly applaud them for their effort.  I had no guidance in that area, and I want them to follow in their own footsteps, no matter if it is covered in glitter, lace or high- heels, I will always be cheering them on in the background.

fancy  Learn more about Fancy Nancy books HERE!

Fancy Nancy has been a favorite book series for my oldest daughter for years now.  Nancy is a little girl with BIG and FANCY ideas and clothing to boot.  She always has wonderfully LARGE words (which I love!) that she likes to explain in text and has a lot of notions of how to be FANCY.  Lace, ruffles, you name it, Fancy Nancy wants a life much like a French boutique.  Adorable?  Yes.  Realistic?  Not quite.  However, most of her adventures bring this reality to home while still indulging Nancy’s ‘fancy’ tendencies.  They are fabulous reads for our family since it is fun to pretend to have the Fancy Nancy lifestyle.  Of course, Nancy always learns that in the end, all that matters is the love of her friends and family.  And, really, isn’t that what we all want?

fancy  Brooke loves Fancy Nancy!

Now, for all the kids who want to pretend and be Fancy Nancy, like my oldest, I have a real treat for you!  Fancy Nancy’s famous Ruffle Dress and accessories is available through the Great Pretenders website.  WOW!  The signature Fancy Nancy Ruffle dress from her books come to life (yes, this is an OFFICIAL partnering of Fancy Nancy with Great Pretenders, so it’s very true to the books!) with layers of disco sparkle tulle, accented with a satin red bow and red satin faux belt.  Oh my goodness, my little fashion girl comes to life and I love it!  Your child can be Très Très Fancy in this stylish little number and the Great Pretenders offer Fancy Nancy accessories like her sweet purse and super fancy boa.  Nice!  I’ve come to realize that Nancy is right, at times every little girl needs to feel fancy.  We have been reading Fancy Nancy while Brooke is in her new outfit (she even lets me ‘borrow’ the boa – oh my!) and our smiles and laughs have been priceless.  I may not be a fancy mom, but I sure can pretend with my girls!

Fancy Nancy Ruffle Dress and Accessories

List Price: $ 35.00 (CDN)‏


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