Parents’ Choice Approved debut album “Everyone’s Invited!” by Jungle Gym Jam (Pre-K+)

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Parents’ Choice Approved debut album “Everyone’s Invited!” by Jungle Gym Jam (Pre-K+)

“This band knows how to get kids moving! A huge contributor has been added to the kindie world and his name is Jason Didner.” – Goober Kids Radio

Do you want your kids to listen to upbeat music that deals with kindness, friendship and lots of songs involving nature/science on the album for toddlers through grade schoolers? When I say upbeat, I also mean ‘rocking out’.  Don’t let the kindie label fool you, this is jamming music for kids and families.  Did I mention this album was recently a Parents’ Choice Approved Album?  Oh, very cool!  I decided to check out this album was able to work with the band leader Jason Didner (whose wife, Amy, is the co-lyricist – so cute) whose passion for smart-kindie music is quite obvious. As a musical family, Jason and Amy’s process of writing together is their way of sharing the parenting experience, like their own little scrapbook.  Love it!
As you could probably tell, I was excited to check it out and see what Brooke thought!
Tracking Listing:

  1. Jungle Gym Jamming
  2. Window Of The Train
  3. Five Sea Lions
  4. The People Exhibit At The Zoo
  5. My Glasses
  6. Mimi the Ladybug
  7. The Pick Song
  8. A Bowling Party
  9. Stay in the Pool
  10. Glass Bottom Boat
  11. Peek-a-Boo Moon
  12. Down By The Bay

So how did my preschooler, Brooke, like this album?  We talk about music so much at own home, I actually think Brooke is becoming a better music reviewer than me!  I don’t spend a ton of time around preschoolers besides limited play dates (my husband is the Stay at Home Parent), but I don’t find a lot of preschoolers who discuss ‘crunchy beats’, ‘fast jams’ and “bad butt” (a nicer term we taught her instead of saying bad @–well, you know) music.  She hangs out with TOO many musicians!  To Brooke, this was a ‘crunchy beat’ album, which is her way of saying she loves it.  She loves fast songs she can dance too!  Her favs on the album?  The songs “Down By the Bay” and “Mimi the Ladybug” since she is really into nature.  I love that and we had fun jamming together.

Sign up for the Jungle Gym Jam Goodie Bag!  Sign up for Jungle Gym Jam’s Goodie Bag here!  This signs you and your family up for their weekly newsletter and you get exclusive MP3s of concert audio, be the first to hear new songs, and get discounts on concert tickets and cool band merchandise!

Free E-Book for Everyone’s Invited!  Check out this very cool and FREE PDF file here for this album.  It includes lyrics, chords, coloring pages and even information on how to deal with bullies.  Go get it now!

Congrats!  CD Baby just named this album an “Editor’s Pick.”

(Photo Credit: Heather Reagan-Hollihan for Isis Design Studios)

Parents’ Choice Approved debut album “Everyone’s Invited!” by Jungle Gym Jam (Pre-K+)

List Price: $ 12.99 (includes an autographed CD and downloads – WOW!)

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