Action! Fun! Dance! for Kids CD‏ (Stocking Stuffer)


Action! Fun! Dance! for Kids CD‏ (Stocking Stuffer)

Healthy Music for a Child’s Heart, Body and Mind!

We love music and movement!  It was how my daughter learned how to ‘jump like a frog’ and throw different colored bean bags at a young age.  She also learned to memorize songs, cooperate with dance moves and march in place.  As my younger daughter is still a baby, I am still looking for great CDs that she can grow into and also CDs my preschooler still loves.  We found that in this fun music and movement CD called Action! Fun! Dance!

The Learning Station is full of veteran children’s entertainers and it shows when you listen to the CD.  Some of the songs were very familiar to me and some were new, but they were all body shaking.  One of Brooke’s and my favorite activities is just dancing and it is even better if we have some fun dance moves to follow.  Already a winner of tons of 2013 awards, Action! Fun! Dance! comes with an instruction and lyric books which made the experience even better.  This brought out the kid in me (which is not too hard to do) and Brooke enjoys our dancing sessions.  What a great gift!

Complete Track Listing:

  1. A Root-Chy-Cha
  2. Rumba Dance
  3. Icky Sticky Bubble Gum
  4. Jamaican Dance
  5. Funky Nursery Rhymes
  6. Boogaloo Song
  7. Shabooya
  8. Ballin’ the Jack
  9. Funga Alafia
  10. Doctor Knickerbocker
  11. Herman the Worm
  12. The More We Get Together
  13. A Ram Sam Sam
  14. Fooba Wooba John

Check it out!  Here is the video for The More We Get Together!

Action! Fun! Dance! for Kids CD‏ (Stocking Stuffer)

List Price: $ 15.00

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