Hair Chalk (Dusty Rose)‏ *Fun for Pre-K+*

Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk (Dusty Rose)‏ *Fun for Pre-K+*

The Power of Color!

Did I ever mention that my first driver’s license picture a month after I turned sixteen featured Momma’s Bacon with purple hair?  No?  I know I mentioned I had three different colors of hair in seventh grade to the point where I dyed it all black just to start all over again.  After that products like Manic Panic became my best friend because it would eventually wash out.  Although I’ve left my crazy rebellious (is it considered rebellious when your parents don’t mind?) hair dyes in the past but was delighted to see that Splat Hair Color makes the perfect defiant hair phase as simple as one wash!  In fact, it’s a fun and harmless way to play pretty dress-up with my daughter since Hair Chalk is pastel highlights that slide on dry and *poof* washes out instantly!  Not only is the sticker price reasonable, it is also long lasting if you are doing small streaks or a simple pattern.  Almost like chalk, the hair chalk kit comes with a compact in one of several fun and bright colors (think blue and purple) and an applicator sponge.  We like the dusty rose since the pretty pink looks striking in my daughter’s blonde locks but will even show up in my brown hair.  It’s fun, simple and after one wash you would have had no idea you were punking it out just a few hours before.  All the adults with strict parents must get a little misty eyed when they see products like this now exist.  Yeah for fun progress!

Hair Chalk (Dusty Rose)‏ *Fun for Pre-K+*

List Price: $ 5.50

3 thoughts on “Hair Chalk (Dusty Rose)‏ *Fun for Pre-K+*

  1. Lily (my 5 year old) has been asking me to do this to her hair, a pink highlight for breast cancer! She is really into helping others, it warms my heart! Last month she donated 10inches of hair!! Maybe I’ll do this for her 🙂

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