SAKAR Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine‏ (Pre-K+)

Hello Kitty Karaoke

SAKAR Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine‏ (Pre-K+)

Global Brands in Play

I got my first BRIGHT yellow mini ‘boombox’ (do you young-uns know what that means?) when I was nine.  It had a cassette tape, radio and a microphone to record myself or songs off the radio.  I created my own fake radio show with my friend and we taped hours and hours of us talking, being silly, making up songs and being the little DJs we were ‘meant to be’.  It was awesome.  I also started to write songs and sing as well as learning words to all of the songs on MIX 100 (our Oldies station) and realized my love of lyrics.  I was always drawn to music, but this pushed me into songwriting and when I decided to finally learn guitar, it help tremendously in learning to write a catchy tune (and as quick therapy to the teenage blues as a young female Morrissey-impersonator years later).  I love, love, LOVE that my daughter loves to sing and make-up songs.  I mean, sure, they are mostly about things like marshmallows and bears, with sometimes those being the only lyrics, but they are ‘her’ songs.  Kids are so creative and I have been looking for that same boombox of youth with just a few updates.  Sure, cassettes have been replaced by CDs and MP3s and sure it has the ever cool Hello Kitty instead of a generic yellow but the concept, my friends, is still very much the same.  Music and children go together and you will be surprised at how fast they learn and sing songs when you give them a microphone!

The SAKAR Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine features two microphone inputs for your child and a friend to sing their hearts out.  It is CD and MP3 compatible with built in speakers.  The karaoke system is actually really cool and will plug into your TV and has automatic voice control and an echo effect.  Nice!  The display is nice and big with a two digit LED feature for even the youngest of singers.  Who knows the possibilities this will bring my child (and children).  Perhaps one day they will be singing on a stage or in a room playing to their own children (or cats).  Hey, you never know where creativity and music will take you, but at least it will start you on a journey to somewhere fun.

SAKAR Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine‏ (Pre-K+)

List Price: $ 33.77

7 thoughts on “SAKAR Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine‏ (Pre-K+)

  1. Now that is adorable. I love that it allows two users at a time. Perfect for duets! I love encouraging my children to do what they love, and singing is one of their loves. This would be a great encouragement for many children.

  2. I have know idea how they even know her (we do not even have cable), but my girls adore Hello Kitty. This looks fun!

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