OWi Rechargeable Green Life Solar Kit (Age 8+)


OWi Rechargeable Green Life Solar Kit (Age 8+)

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I believe children are our future.  This is not a late great Whitney Houston song, no, I truly believe in solar power and harnessing energy is not far in our greener future.  At least, that is what I like to tell myself!  The wonderful thing I find inspiring about children is that they have such great and vivid imaginations and explaining the benefits of solar energy and seeing it in action are exciting endeavors.  How does solar energy generate from light?  It can all be discovered in a hands-on approach through the Green Life line through OWi.

The OWi Rechargable Green Life Solar Kit is an easy to assemble (no screws or nuts) solar powered car and house for kids eight and up.  In just three minutes in the sun, the solar cell rechargeable battery is complete and can be released from the house to roll around on solar energy alone for a complete three minutes.  How does it work?  Well, I’m no scientist, but by plugging the car into the house, the solar energy converts to stored electrical power to be used at a later time.  It’s a great learning experience to see an alternative source of energy and maybe – just maybe – it is a great step for our future scientists who see the benefit of harnessing solar power.  Time will tell, but in the meantime – how cool is this toy?

OWi Rechargeable Green Life Solar Kit (Age 8+)


List Price: $ 19.95

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