Product Review: WordTeasers: Small Fry‏ (Geared for Ages 6-8)

Product Review: WordTeasers: Small Fry‏ (Geared for Ages 6-8)

A Little Box of Questions that Spark Big Conversations and Learning

With the holidays coming up that means there will be lots of opportunities to play games with friends and family.  What better game to play with younger children than a game of fun conversation starts with the intent on getting to know each other?  While there are a variety of WordTeasers games, the one geared towards the youngest crowd is called Small Fry and it features words kids should know by the time they are in second grade.  The pink box contains 150 3” x 3” cards full of conversation starters and factoids.  So fun!  The front side of each card asks a question like, “What makes you smile?” while the back of the card gives an interesting fact to read out loud.  For example, this card’s fact is that it takes 43 muscles to frown, but only 17 muscles to smile.  This is perfect for families of all ages and it includes really nice photographs on each card that illustrate the main word in each question.  Be sure to bust this out at the next multigenerational gathering and I’m sure it will be a huge hit with everyone.

Don’t Forget!  WordTeasers come in a variety of games geared towards different ages including SAT Vocabulary and World Geography so be sure to check out the WordTeasers product page for more information.

WordTeasers: Small Fry‏ (Geared for Ages 6-8)

List Price:  $16.95

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