Product Review: Thanksgiving with Kayli A Holiday Songbook [CD]‏ (Preschool+)

Product Review: Thanksgiving with Kayli A Holiday Songbook [CD]‏ (Preschool+)

It’s Not TV.  It’s Interactive Flannel Board Stories With Songs, Music and Movement!

We have been playing with felt boards with Brooke for almost a year now.  We got a travel one with pockets and have narrated songs like the Itsy Bitsy Spider as well as this really cool Seasons and Clothing felt set that is fantastic.  It’s a fun and enriching way to do lessons and give great visuals to children.  I was excited to find the website FeltSongs since they specialize in creating original CDs that you can play as a companion to your felt kits.  Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner I thought I would give the Thanksgiving with Kayli CD and A Holiday Songbook a try and have some fun felt activities with Brooke!

The Thanksgiving with Kayli A Holiday Songbook CD contains 17 songs (both original and traditional) and includes narration about the American Thanksgiving holiday.  Songs include “The Mayflower”, “It’s Thanksgiving”, “Squanto the Native American” and (my favorite) “I’m Thankful”.  The songbook is great to create sing-alongs as well as learning about the different activities you can do with the related Thanksgiving felt kits that are sold separately (here is the link to the two Thanksgiving felt kits that FeltSongs sells).  FeltSongs are wonderful and fun preschool lessons done with colorful songs and felt sets!

Bonus!  Free artwork from FeltSongs here.

FeltSongs Story Activity Kits Are a Hit!  Kayli developed her FeltSongs Story activity kits to be used in conjunction with her CDs.  Her FeltSongs stories help teachers demonstrate subjects like colors, counting, science, seasons and many other fundamental concepts. Each activity kit includes a beautiful felt set, a music CD and instructions. Kayli created the FeltSongs stories for teachers who don’t sing or play an instrument.  The teacher could just easily place their felt set on the board, play the CD and demonstrate and sing along with the child.  Simple!  Check out Kayli’s Five Little Snowmen Felt Songs Set perfect for the upcoming Winter Season!

Thanksgiving with Kayli A Holiday Songbook [CD]‏ (Preschool+)

List Price: $ 12.99

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