Product Review: Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children Vol. I DVD‏ (Ages 2-8) *Stocking Stuffer*

Product Review:  Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children Vol. I DVD‏ (Ages 2-8) *Stocking Stuffer*

A Natural and Better Way to Learn Chinese

I have some really great Mandarin Chinese board books I read to Brooke, but to be honest, even with the pronunciation guide, I feel like I may be missing the mark on some of the words.  I was really happy to discover the award-winning Aha!Chinese language kit that was put together with linguists from the Beijing Foreign Language Institute.  Plus, check this out, the language kit includes input from former George Lucas animators (so exciting!), and a very impressive resume of composers, graphic designers and even a Broadway singer to create an entire sensory experience for the child.  I wanted to test the waters with this program from their first DVD in the collection before looking at getting the entire kit and I am very pleased with the Volume I DVD.

Let’s Go Guang! is part of the Mandarin Chinese language kit through Aha!Chinese to help kids through the Aha!Method of weaving language learning with stories and an entire sensory experience.  The DVD is a really lovely experience from the perspective of two English speaking children, Ling and Kai, who visit their grandparents in China and meet Guang, a hilarious and sweet dragon that guides them through the Chinese culture.  It is full of history with lots of Chinese language intertwined seamlessly through the DVD through songs and fantastic graphics.  The bilingual aspect of the film is extremely helpful for my preschooler and the Mandarin Chinese phrases are repeated over and over for repetitive learning.  The DVD introduces kids to over 50 useful everyday Mandarin Chinese words and how to pronounce them properly!  Yes!  There are many phrases, greetings, and even numbers.  Highly recommended!

Bonus!  There is even a fun feature that will show children how to make Chinese dumplings!

Check it out!  The complete multi-award winning set of Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children Vol. 1 (and Vol II is now available) is an amazing way for children to get an entire language set in Chinese for a reasonable price.   Look at the Shop section of the Aha!Chinese website to learn more and I am including the impressive package (wrapped in a hardcover keepsake box) below:

  • DVDMeet Guang, the Chinese Dragon (Animated Feature), Making Dumplings (Live footage), and Mini Lessons and Songs. In English and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Illustrated Hardback Book: Story of Meet Guang, the Chinese Dragon with Pinyin and English
  • Audio CD: Lively narrated story and songs
  • Flash Cards:  Game cards with simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English
  • Parents/Educator Guide:  Overview and how to best use the learning kit, Vocabulary list

Momma’s Bacon Exclusive Offer:  Aha!Chinese is offering my readers a coupon code for 30% off purchases on their website.  Be sure to use coupon code  “mommasbacon30” upon checkout of  Offer good until December 31, 2012!

Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children Vol. I DVD‏

List Price:  $ 24.95

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Let’s Go Guang! Chinese for Children Vol. I DVD‏ (Ages 2-8) *Stocking Stuffer*

  1. Right now I’m teaching my kids Spanish…but I’d sure love to learn Chinese myself some day, and maybe after they see how cool it is to learn one language they’ll want to learn another!

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