Product Review: I Spy Memory Mini Game (Age 4+)

Product Review:  I Spy Memory Mini Game (Age 4+)

A Mini Version of I Spy Memory Game…Big on Fun to Go!

Are you ready for holiday travel?  No?  How about a travel mini memory game to keep fidgety kids busy while on the road or in the air?  Now we’re talking!  The name of the game in our family is ‘Keep Brooke Busy’!  Since our road trips home are really long (from Texas to Ohio), I have to pack a lot of fun and interesting activities to do in the car.

The I Spy Mini Memory Game provides lots of games in one and can be played with only one player or up to six!  For one-on-one play, your child can find matching pairs.  For the entire family, you can all solve the riddles.  It even comes with a clip so you can put it on a backpack, purse or diaper bag for on-the-go.  The game includes 24 mini memory cards, 6 mini riddle cards and a book of rules.  Don’t forget to check out all the Mini Games from Briarpatch including the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman!   Happy Holiday Travels!

About Briarpatch:  Briarpatch has been creating educational games and puzzles for children for over 20 years!  John Donofrio and Martine Redman made their first game in 1992 and have maintained a high level of respect within the toy industry and have won over 300 Best Toy Awards over the last two decades.  Check out their website for a wealth of games and my favorites are the ones that are based on classic children’s books (anyone else a fan of Madeline?).  Their site also offers a product finder to narrow your search based on your child’s age and gender for a more personalized selection.

I Spy Memory Mini Game (Age 4+)

List Price: $ 4.99

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