Product Review: Wild Cards: Dinosaurs Game and Book Set‏ (Age 5+) *Stocking Stuffer*

Product Review: Wild Cards: Dinosaurs Game and Book Set‏ (Age 5+)  *Stocking Stuffer*

Learn about the Biggest, Smallest, Fiercest, Fastest, and Strangest Dinosaurs!

I was only into dinosaurs because I hung out with my older brother and his friends who were fascinated by fossils.  Beyond the most common dinosaurs like the Triceratops and the T-Rex, I couldn’t have told you many more since getting this game and book set and that is pretty cool.  This is not just a game of memory and strategy; it also incorporates cool facts about each dinosaur including things like the gentle to the most ferocious of their species.  The game includes 36 playing cards as well as a 28 page fact book with all you need to know about dinosaurs.  There are also neat facts like how big each dinosaur is compared to the average size of a child and the Latin name for each one.  This is definitely much more than just a matching and sorting game and the companion book really sets this set apart from other games.

Learning Skills Incorporated into this Game:
• Memory
• Concentration
• Reading
• Visual processing
• Strategic thinking
• Sorting and classification

Momma’s Bacon Exclusive!  Birdcage Press is offering my readers a special promotion!  If you use promo code MB20 you will receive 20% off any order placed on their website.  Offer is only good until December 31, 2012!  Don’t forget to check out their other awesome card books and games including ones on subjects like Backyard Birds, Ancient Egypt and Battle Aircraft!

Wild Cards: Dinosaurs Game‏ (Age 5+)  *Stocking Stuffer*

List Price: $ 12.95

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