Product Review: Sound It! Card Game‏ (Ages 6+)

Product Review: Sound It! Card Game‏ (Ages 6+)

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This two to three person card game all about SOUND is great for families with kids six and up. This is an award-winning game that just won the 2012 Dr. Toy award as Best Vacation product for Kids.  The game was developed by an ASHA certified speech therapist and it is just as educational as it is just plain fun to play.  This game will have your whole family laughing and just remember, don’t say it – SOUND IT!

There are two basic ways to play the SOUND IT! game with 96 total cards and unlimited possibilities of sounds:

1.  See It! Sound It!

This is a fast-paced version where everyone playing gets to see the word clue on the card. The first person to make the correct sound based on the clue wins the point!

2.  Sound It! Guess It!

One player looks at the card’s picture and makes the best sound based on the picture. The first player to guess the picture on the card wins the point!

Check it out!  Here are the Sound It! Instructions.

Sound It! Card Game‏ (Ages 6+)

List Price: $ 9.99

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