Product Review: Kid’sleep Globetrotter‏ Clock (Green) by Claessens’ Kids (toddler +) *Travel*

Product Review:  Kid’sleep Globetrotter‏ Clock (Green) by Claessens’ Kids (toddler +) *Travel*

It’s Time for Kids

You may recall (past review here) I am a big fan of the Kid’sleep Classic Clock once we figured out how to work the darn thing!  It took a nice little e-mail to the company and we have been using it like clockwork (no pun intended) each night very successfully.  Although Brooke is no longer taking naps (le sigh), we still put it on the sleeping mode for her daily ‘quiet times’, as we like to call them.  The Clock has made such a lovely difference in Brooke knowing when to get up and when to stay in bed or in ‘quiet time’ that we don’t want to lose that momentum even when we travel.  As I know a lot of you will be traveling for the upcoming holiday season and thought you may be interested in the Kid’sleep Globetrotter‏ Clock, which is the exact same concept, just in a compact travel size that run on batteries.  Can you say EXCITED?!?

The Kid’sleep Globetrotter‏ Clock is a mini Classic Clock that folds up like a compact and runs on batteries.  Already a fan of the Classic Clock, this product helps young children get an understanding of when it is time to get out of bed and a great child self regulation tool.  The clock has a cartoon animal that is either shown lit up awake or asleep as indicated on the ‘clock’ face.  The Globetrotter version of this clock has an ‘awake’ backpacking sheep in a nice unisex green color.  I love how compact it is and since our traveling is rather limited these days, I imagine the battery will last a long time.  Now remember, the Globetrotter is a travel clock, so if you are looking for the plug-in larger option, you want the Classic.  I read reviews that indicate the clock did not last a long time, but they were using it as a daily clock which is not the point.  The Swiss company directions still leave a lot to be desired, but with our knowledge of the Classic Clock, see my earlier review for an expanded version of how to work the clock if you are having trouble.  Once I realized how to work it, I have never again had an issue and this one programmed the same way.  It’s perfect for travel and the product takes four AA batteries to work.  Oh, on a related note, we still don’t use the alarm clock (the rooster crowing actually freaks her out a little….) since the cartoon animal automatically lights up that it is awake and Brooke follows the face to make sure she can get up!  Seriously a great product that we love.

Kid’sleep Globetrotter‏ Clock (Green) by Claessens’ Kids (toddler +)

List Price: $29.99

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