Product Review: My Early Arrival Baby Journal‏ (Baby Book for Premature Babies) *Preemie*

Product Review: My Early Arrival Baby Journal‏ (Baby Book for Premature Babies) *Preemie*

A Baby Book for Premature Infants

I will never forget Brooke’s second day outside the womb in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) when a NICU nurse told me that when NICU babies grow up they think it is ‘cool’ that they were tough and went through this hospital experience.  I can’t imagine most parents would have the same ‘cool’ reaction to this hospital stint years later, but it made me want to start documenting the experience for my daughter.  We were so fortunate that our Austin hospital’s NICU gave us a free tote bag of …hmmm? How do I say this?…swag, if you will, that included a little handmade journal that I probably would not have filled out of it was not for that nurse.  I took pictures, videos and kept little things like the sign above the IV bag stand that said “Welcome!” for her own personal NICU keepsake box.  She has an entire book and box of her NICU experience if she ever wants to check it out.

Brooke was a preemie, but she was not a micro-preemie (babies born before 26 weeks gestation).  Her issues were premature lung development due to an early arrival when my water broke suddenly during my last day of pregnancy week 35.  We knew Brooke would improve in the NICU and we would be leaving soon.  We saw and knew parents and children through that experience who were not as lucky.  Those parents and children have a much different experience from the ‘normal’ labor and delivery stories and these children’s first few months to years of life can be quite a different experience than that of a baby born at full term.  That was why I knew I wanted to review My Early Arrival Baby Journal as soon as I read about it because the NICU journey is not really one you prepare or want to take as a parent, but it is one that is worth documenting (if only for your own sanity).

My Early Arrival Baby Journal is a 72 page hard-cover bound journal made specifically for premature babies.  NICU parents need the love and support as much as the children going through the experience and that little bag of NICU swag meant a lot to me during that time when I could not take my baby home with me when I left the hospital at night.  I think this journal will mean a lot to other NICU parents going through this experience right now.  The book is a journal to help NICU parents’ document the entire first year of a preemie’s life with a great page for 1 year progress and birthday pictures at the end.  The last few pages are dedicated specifically to pictures of those special moments captured throughout the preemie’s first year.  I am including a few pictures of the inside pages of the book like the first milestone page to show you how well thought out this journal is for documenting these temporary NICU residents.  Why not take the time (or get a favorite business) to donate a journal to your local NICU and help a family with a touching keepsake to document their child’s first experiences in the world?  That is my plan!

Special pricing is available for volume purchases and resale!  Early Arrival Inc’s goal is to truly try and get these books out to NICU parents.  Michele Bain, RN, one of the co-creators of the journal and a North Carolina NICU nurse, said they can sell the journals as low as $10 each for orders of 500 books or more.  Michele and Helen Dobbins, RN, put this book together because as NICU nurses they could not find a keepsake baby book that fit the needs of parents of preemies.  Their intent was to give NICU parents a gift to help them feel as “normal as they could” in the very “abnormal” world of the NICU.  If interested in bulk purchasing,e-mail directly for more information.

My Early Arrival Baby Journal‏

List Price: $24.95 (now with free shipping!)

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